Partnering with us

Our business is to partner with content providers and provide SMS text services based on their content and with affiliates to market and sell them. It is our mission to provide genuinely interesting and usefull services at as low a cost as possible to our customers.

It is a very exciting business with great opportunities for harnessing the "immediacy" that SMS provides with unique content provided by our partners. We provide the technical side, provide the infrastructure and the content providers supply timely and valuable information to us which we use to provide our services.

Content Providers

We are always looking for new ideas and content that we can use to create a new service. If you are able to consistantly provide reliable information that is valuable to others, then come and talk to us. It may be that people are prepared to pay to receive such information and if there are enough people, hey we've got a potential business! and... just as important, some happy new customers.


If you own a website or a business related to one of our services and think that you can sell it to your customers then we offer an "affiliate program". Affiliates are registered with us and sell our services through their business and we pay commission on each sale. We are always looking for the win-win situation so we like to pay generous commissions but without predjudicing customer value for money.


Our referral program is not yet in place. However when completed, it will be open to all our customers who have a "verified" PayPal™ account. New customers who have been referred to us will be able to enter the email address of the referree and obtain a discount, and the referree will receive a referral fee. Another great win-win situation for our customers.